We are looking to fund art/science media based projects during the Fall semester!  We are currently accepting project pitches for up to $5,000 of funding with an opportunity to connect with USC’s world-renowned scientific research community.


We will hold two pitch sessions on September 8th and 15th. If you are interested in applying please contact BASA at BridgeArtSci@gmail.com. We will assign you a time slot to present on one of the two dates and provide you with other important information for your pitch. Examples of previously funded BASA projects, as well as more information about our organization,  can be found here.


If the combination of art and science interests you but you don’t have a project to pitch, please follow us at https://www.facebook.com/BASAlliance for more information about upcoming events, ongoing projects, and ways to get involved.


We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Thank you,

BASA Board


General info:

  • Pitches should be no longer than 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions

  • Proposed projects can ask for up to $5k

  • A pitch can come from anyone, USC affiliated or not

  • Project funds will be dispensed in two installments, 50% at the beginning and 50% at the project’s midpoint

  • There are no restrictions on how to spend the money as long as it’s related to the project – for instance, a non-USC affiliated media specialist may be hired with project funds

  • Projects must be completed within a reasonable time frame, preferably a 4-month window


Required materials (must be submitted at a minimum of 24hrs before pitching):

  • Slide show of pitch presentation (no more than 10 slides)

  • Budget outlining all major expenditures (the more detailed the better)

  • Project timeline (the more detailed the better)

  • Paragraph describing the project (general outline for us to use on our web page if your project is selected) 

  • Portfolio of previous work



  • Projects that connect USC artists and scientists will be prioritized

  • Projects that involve multiple artists and scientists working in collaboration will be prioritized

  • Projects with the clearest vision of how artists and scientists will be connected will be prioritized. For example, a pitch that knows exactly the types of artists and scientists that will be involved will be prioritized. Specific names are also a bonus.

  • Projects that have identified a USC faculty member as an artistic and/or scientific advisor will be prioritized

  • Projects with leaders that have demonstrated a record of excellence in their proposed project area will be prioritized


If your project is selected:

  • You will be assigned a BASA team member as your “Project Liaison.” The Project Liaison will help you with the process of receiving your funding, finding scientific/artistic consultants and advisors, and other administrative details.

  • The project leader will be required to host one brainstorming session with people outside of their discipline. For example, if an artist is selected as a project leader, then he or she will be required to host a brainstorming session with a group of scientists. BASA will provide the group of scientists or artists for the brainstorming session. The purpose of this session will be to recruit advisors and/or consultants from outside the project leaders’ specialty to help with the project.

  • The project leader will be required to present a progress report halfway through the proposed timeline for the project. The progress report will consist of a short presentation to BASA Board Members about the current state of the project and future outlook. The project leader will receive the second installment of payment after this progress report.

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