BASA Logo Design Contest

What we're looking for:

We love our current logo because we think it demonstrates our goals here at BASA, however, we need something original and made by people here at USC. Currently, it is a brain with two contrasting sides of the brain - a creative/artistic side and a science side. We are looking to keep the idea of the brain - and the two sides of the brain (one colorful and fluid, and one side more rigid and "sciency") - but outside of that we are open to creative ideas! For more purposes of what we are looking for or reference images, please see attached files.


Contest logistics:

200 dollars for the winning design sketches or ideas, and 50 dollars for the two runners-up - as gift cards. Each submission will be looked at, so please do not be scared to submit! Once all the submissions are made, the BASA executive team, made up of graduate students and a committee of students, will choose the winning design and the runner-ups. We will be accepting submissions for the next month, and anyone (USC affiliated, or not) is welcome to submit once, twice or even 20 times. If you have ideas for how to redesign this logo we want to see them! 


Deadline: March 19th, 2019 11:59 PM


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